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Executive Spotlight: Ron Sege

I met Ron Sege early on in my finance career, when we both worked at ROLM. This was circa 1984, the same year that Apple released the Macintosh (with its iconic Orwellian Super Bowl ad), Ghandi was assassinated, the Dow was at 1211, the federal reserve interest rate was 10.75%, and a movie ticket cost $2.50. Ron was extremely friendly and helpful to me back then, and struck me as the kind of guy that would sacrifice for the good of the employees, the team, and the company. This passion of his is still visible today.

Ron gained great experience at 3Com in the 90s – from 1989-1998, he worked as a Senior Vice President for the company. He left 3Com in 1998 to work at Lycos, Ellacoya Networks, and Tropos Networks, before rounding back to 3Com in 2008 to become its President and COO. Upon his return, 3Com had changed dramatically, now working jointly with Chinese company Huawei in the H3C venture. Ron worked alongside Bob Mao, 3Com’s China-based CEO, from 2008-2010.

See below an early sketch of Ron for the cartoon on this website’s front page. Funnily enough, Ron was a ball boy when he was growing up at the same tennis club where Bill Krause and his wife played in Los Altos. This was surely a unique introduction to his future boss. In the other photo, Ron is pictured wearing a 3Com construction hat that was found in one of the 3Com time capsule boxes from 1999 and 2009.

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