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Executive Spotlight: Bill Krause

"3Com is a must read for anyone interested in learning about how the magic of Silicon Valley works. It is a story about the start up, growth and evolution of an iconic technology company. Most of all it is about the exceptional people and executives, who gave the world the fundamental technology that connects virtually everyone and everything. They are my heroes.”

—Bill Krause, retired 3Com Chairman and CEO, and President, LWK Ventures

Bill Krause has always been active and engaging. When he interviewed me for my first job at 3Com for an internal audit role, I remember him being very supportive of my role and interested in its outcomes.

Bill has been a great cheerleader of this book. When I started this project back in 2015, he was one of my first official interviews. We met at his Los Altos Hills home in October, where the deer and coyotes play as 747 jumbo airliners seem to float overhead on their approach to SFO.

I was brand new to this whole primary-research-for-a-book thing, so we blew the first hour of the interview on the question: “Tell me what formative experiences influenced you in becoming a leader of 3Com.” It was easy to spend a lot of time talking about this as Bill had a very rich and motley childhood and young adulthood. We covered everything from his family’s itinerant nature, to stories about bullies and marbles and growing up, to his making sales calls with Bill Hewlett himself as a young HP employee.

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