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Executive Spotlight: Jeff Thermond

So, who is this Jeff Thermond? Jeff is very smart, swears like a sailor, and discovered his love of technology all the way back when he was a kid reading science fiction books by Robert Heinlein (who amazingly envisioned the idea of computer-aided design back in 1957). Right out of college, Jeff took a job with General Electric to gain sales training. After that, he answered a computer industry advertisement for a job with TymShare in Chicago which eventually led him out to California and to 3Com.

Jeff was with 3Com from 1989-1997 and helped launch boundary routing along with NetBuilder II, both of which gave Cisco a good scare in the early '90s. In the book, Jeff’s insights helped us answer the question, “Why did 3Com end up without an adapter business?” Stay tuned for the whole upcoming story!

Will you participate and support us in our journey? If you or someone you know worked in 3Com Sales, or if you are simply a tech lover, we’d love to hear from you! Please sign up to follow us at and at Twitter and Facebook @3ComStory.

Jeff Thermond at Peet’s Coffee in Saratoga, CA. September 2017.

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