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Executive Spotlight: Eric Benhamou

If you get your hands on a copy of our book, you’ll be able to read 3Com CEO Eric Benhamou’s thought-provoking foreword that illuminates what young entrepreneurs can learn from 3Com's story. Eric presided over 3Com’s period of greatest growth: when the company shifted from a startup to a global Fortune 500 dragon.

Eric also oversaw some of 3Com’s biggest challenges, and was the CEO to witness the company’s crash back down to Earth. Over the course of our book, we dive into great detail about Eric -- his background, his management style, and his many contributions to 3Com.

Eric now teaches at business schools around the world, works with Israel Venture Network, and runs his own venture capital firm, Benhamou Global Ventures in Palo Alto.

Will you participate and support us in our journey? We hope that you will consider purchasing our book when it's released to learn more about Eric and the other fascinating characters in 3Com’s story. And, as always, we appreciate all follows and interactions with our website and social media accounts -- and Twitter and Facebook @3ComStory!

In the 1990s, Eric led his team on various ExecCom outings to stretch their limits. This photo was taken on a rock climbing trip in the Sierras.

Eric Benhamou at Benhamou Global Ventures in Palo Alto, CA. Taken December 2017.

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