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Executive Spotlight: Doug Spreng

Doug Spreng has always greeted me with a smile and a kinetic energy that is contagious. Even with a bad right ankle (see his photo below), that has taken four surgeries, he logs thousands of miles on his road bike, sometimes with old 3Com alum and 3Com General Counsel Mark Michael.

Doug Spreng rose in the ranks over his 20 years with HP before finding his way to 3Com, where he helped grow its adapter business in the 1990s. Doug grew up in rural Ohio and was a voracious reader, and very good at math. He created a reading room out of a closet, and read the entire encyclopedia, along with scientific books, books about dinosaurs, and books about space. He set his sights on and attended MIT. Some guys from his fraternity said, “You really should get into the electronics area.” Starting his sophomore year, the same year John Young of HP declared the “Golden Age of Electronics”, he embarked on that journey. After 20 years with HP, Doug reflected that 3Com “offered a chance to start over, with the love of adventure that HP had in the early days”.

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Doug Spreng, circa 1990s ExecCom hiking trip, Carson Pass region of Sierras

Doug Spreng, circa 1990s

Doug Spreng at Urfa Bistro, Los Altos, September 2017

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