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Executive Spotlight: Bob Finocchio

Bob Finocchio was Eric’s right hand man for many years and an instrumental part of 3Com’s executive history. Bob ran 3Com’s Network Systems Group side of the business, while Doug Spreng oversaw the adapter business.

Today, Bob spends much of his time teaching at Santa Clara University and sharing his expertise on various boards. Outside of his career, Bob enjoys traveling, running, and hiking. He has run 18 marathons, and has summited peaks on all seven continents, including Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mt. Vinson in Antarctica.

In our book, Bob shared a particularly special story about how his Sony home stereo system helped lead to a breakthrough idea in 3Com’s early product strategy. Stay tuned for that and many more fascinating details of 3Com’s history!

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Bob scaling rock walls on an ExecCom outing, circa 1994.

Bob at the Rosewood Resort in Palo Alto, CA. September 2017.

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