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Happy 40th, 3Com!




Harry McCracken


“3Com’s innovations helped create the world we live in. I thought I knew its story, but there’s so much more to it—and this book has every up, down, twist, and turn.”

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Rob Enderle


3Com is a showcase of success and failure, of a legend that tried to be something bigger but lost its way instead. Chase and Zilber offer a look into the exhilaration and magic of innovation as well as
the dark heart of Silicon Valley, where the machinations of executives make Game of Thrones look tame by comparison.”


Keith Raffel


“In this era of brashness and arrogance, 3Com reminds us that while technology can be the basis for a startup, it's people who make it go—or don’t.”

Praise for 3Com

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About the Authors


Jeff Chase is a Silicon Valley–based retired CFO that has worked for technology startups as well as notable public tech companies his entire career.  Jeff’s internal audit and treasury roles at 3Com afforded him access to executives and their insights and recollections that sparked the creation of this book. Jeff has worked for a dozen private VC backed tech startups, as well as public tech companies including JDS Uniphase, 3Com, Echelon, and ROLM, along with the accounting firms Deloitte and KPMG.

Jon Zilber has been the editor-in-chief of several tech magazines and websites, including MacUser, PC/Computing, and Corporate Computing, and led communications teams for nonprofits such as the Sierra Club and TechSoup. Jon also launched and managed Palm’s social media presence. He and his teams have been recognized with Emmy, Webby, Maggie, and duPont-Columbia awards.

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"As you’re reading the 3Com story, if you feel like the landscape dramatically shifted while you blinked, that’s because it did. Imagine you’re on a scenic tour, and your guide says 'The first part of the journey will be on horse-drawn carriage, then we'll get into a car, then an airplane, and the final leg of our journey will be in a submarine. If everything looks completely different when you look out the window, don't panic it's supposed to.'"

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