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Why are these guys all smiley?

Why are these guys smiling? Grand Junction Networks, a networking startup led by former 3Com co-founder Howard Charney (along with his most amazing eyebrows) and a bunch of talented ex-3Comers, ironically helped knock 3Com out of the park. Cisco’s acquisition of Grand Junction in 1995 – along with Crescendo, Kalpana Networks, and others – created a juggernaut in the Fast Ethernet switching business.

In our brand-spankin’ new book, Charney shares some memorable stories, including the source of inspiration he discovered in the fifth grade, as well as his view of the challenges 3Com faced in its day and the challenges Cisco faces today. 

While 3Com's track record with acquisitions was a mixed bag, our book offers some conclusions about Cisco's strategy for leveraging their acquisitions better -- both for itself as well as for folks like this all-smiles group.

Purchase our book now at Amazon:

And to hear directly from Howard and his eyebrows, watch our video on 3Com's First Decade - The Wonder Years at

From L to R: Larry Birenbaum, David Schwartz, Howard Charney,

Dan Robertson, and Jack Moses. (Dan did not join Grand Junction)

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