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What are you wearing?

Unless you are like tidying phenomenon Marie Kondo, you have probably collected a few sentimental T-shirts over the years... or a few dozen. Accumulating in forgotten dressers and drawers, they become a quiet reminder of life’s milestones and memories.

Various 3Com alums we spoke to uncovered special t-shirts they had saved from their time at the company. There is a reason these shirts have survived countless wardrobe purges over the years – they reflect a company that is remembered fondly, and with spirit, humor, and wit.

Feel free to browse our gallery of vintage 3Com shirts below. Do you recognize any of the ones pictured? Do you still have one in your closet? Are you even wearing it right now!? Comment with your answers! If you have any other 3Com t-shirt photos for our collection, please email your shirt or, even better, selfie to

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