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The Winter Years

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the people and stories captured in the book that tells, for the first time, the blockbuster story of the ups and downs of 3Com, the Silicon Valley giant that most people have never heard of today.

In this video, you'll hear about “The Winter Years” - 3Com's third decade. After two decades of a more-or-less upwards trajectory, in it's final decade, 3Com went into a tailspin. The company entered its own winter with the acquisition of USR, and while Palm came with that deal, the acquisition fell far short of expectations. Things got even colder with 3Com's exit from enterprise products in 2000, which was an early Christmas gift to Cisco. And in its final years, 3Com entered into a joint venture with Huawei in an attempt to create a viable "China Out" strategy. 3Com's long winter finally ended when it was absorbed into Hewlett Packard for $2.7 billion in 2009.

In the "Game of Networks", winter came and 3Com went... The prospect of sitting atop the networking throne was only a distant memory for our beloved company. Against mother-of-all-dragons Cisco, 3Com was burnt in the fire.

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