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Silicon Valley – meet Tel Aviv

In the mid 1990s, the most winning technology was not always the most obvious. Networking standards like Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) were gaining popularity. 3Com found ATM switch firm NiceCom in Tel Aviv; they had a tough as nails engineering team (picture them completing engineering work while missiles flew overhead!). While ATM technology was later left in the dust by Ethernet based technologies, it helped bring Silicon Valley to Israel as the first tech acquisition of an Israeli tech firm by a Silicon Valley firm.

NiceCom's team photos can be viewed in our 3Com gallery, located here: (and a big shout out and thanks to Nachman and Reuven Shelef for providing them!).

NiceCom Co-founder Nachman Shelef and former 3Com CEO Eric Benhamou have used the acquisition as a business case study, taught in universities, you'll find it in our Technicalities page here:

Buy our book now on Amazon: .

The NiceCom team in October 1994 post acquisition.

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