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Happy 40th Birthday, 3Com (now in book form)

3Com: The Unsung saga of the Silicon Valley startup that helped give birth to the Internet — and then fumbled the ball has arrived just in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company's founding.

You can get a copy for your Kindle (or order a paperback if you're that kind of person) — just point your browser to Amazon. And if you're a hardcover kind of person, visit BookBaby. And while you're ordering, take a moment to think that none of this clicking around would likely be possible without the technology wizards at 3Com.

3Com gave the world the networking technology we take for granted today every time we use the Internet, send an email, connect via WiFi, or watch cat videos on Facebook on our computers, tablets, and phones. It was also a pioneer in partnering and marketing internationally — most successfully with Huawei — and in creating a corporate culture based on fierce competition grounded in ethical behavior.

So what happened to 3Com? It's a dizzying roller coaster ride, full of successes, failures, and lessons that are still relevant today for anybody trying to grow a company. As technology analyst Rob Enderle put it, the book offers "a look into the exhilaration and magic of innovation as well as the dark heart of Silicon Valley, where the machinations of executives make Game of Thrones look tame by comparison."

And if you think you already know the 3Com story, think again. Fast Company's Technology Editor Harry McCracken says, "I thought I knew its story, but there's so much more to it — and this book has every up, down, twist, and turn."

Based on extensive research, original interviews with 73 key figures in the book, and first-hand experience, 3Com tells an engaging and enlightening story about what it takes to succeed. Illustrated with dozens of photos, charts, a timeline, and an index (!), the book tells the story of creators, choices, and a bit of chaos.

Did we mention it's available to purchase? Visit Amazon for Kindle and paperback or BookBaby for hardcover to get your copy today.

3Com (the book) is born on 3Com's (the company) 40th anniversary.

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