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Help us hit our goal of 1,000 email subscribers!

We need your help to hit this Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

If you've been keeping up with our progress getting the untold 3Com saga into print, you know that we're getting pretty close to our targeted publication date in a few months (hint: 3Com turns 40 on June 4th). But, today is the day we hope you'll help us hit a new milestone in our journey. We'd love to have 1,000 people signed up to receive emails about the book. On Thursday, we announced this goal over email to our 270 subscribers, and today, on Sunday, we now have 340 and counting! 

Can you help spread the word to your 3Com friends, your Cisco nemeses, your family, your local independent bookstores, tech history nerds, young entrepreneurs who think that HBO's Silicon Valley is a documentary ... whoever you think ought to know about the ups and downs of the pioneering tech company that could.

Forward this blog or or any page on the 3Com Story website to your friends. They will see a field to sign up with their email at the top of the page!

If we hit the 1,000 mark by May 15th, everyone on our email list will receive a promo code for a sizable discount on their copy of the book! If we hit the mark by April 30th, we'll double that mystery discount.

Need another incentive? Tell us what you did to help spread the word—did you send an email to everyone at work? Did you tattoo the book cover on your forehead? Or name your first child Or, maybe you helped us gain a notable quote from Bill Gates, or another famous friend of yours. Help us out in any way you can, and we might share your story in an upcoming email and offer you first pick of one of the treasures inside the 3Com time capsules!

Some examples of items from the 3Com time capsules

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