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3Com's longest serving employee...

Eric Benhamou spoke to the Berkeley Innovation Forum on its 30 years of transformation, which closely paralleled our 3Com book.. Eric noted also the strong camaraderie and esprit de corp of 3Comers, and how we have an estimated 25,000 alumni scattered around the world that still have a passion for 3Com. We have 4,000+ on LinkedIn Alumni, 400+ on this book website, and hundreds more on 3Comstory and 3Com Alumni FB pages.

With that kind of passion and interest, I ask you to run over and buy our 3Com book on Amazon (Kindle is on sale til Sunday at $3 off or 30% discount)— please help support my 3Com book team, this web site, and a future 3Com party I'm thinking!...

Fellow on right side of Eric above first 2 photos is Solomon Darwin, an amazing professor of business and the executive director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Read more about his visionary leadership on Smart Villages in India at his Wiki page. Third photo down on left is Nick Cannon, CTO of Walt Disney Animation Studios.. Lowest photo is author Jeff Chase, Eric, Susan Lucas-Conwell, and Chenyang Xu.

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