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A Classroom Culture

Eric Benhamou, former 3Com CEO and Chairman, shared with us recently, "In the 90’s we were convinced that having access to Internet connectivity for schools (and individuals) was an overwhelming social good. We did our best to promote it in all the communities where we had a meaningful presence (Silicon Valley, Greater Boston area, UK/Ireland, Israel, etc.). " Geek out with us in our book and hear more about networking and our classroom culture in our upcoming book — https://

Congratulations NASA and Apollo 11

Congratulations to NASA's Apollo 11 program and its 50th anniversary and the moon landing in this hour, 3:17 pm EST, 50 years ago today. An astounding feat involving enormous innovations in technology. And of course, Ethernet innovations are now included by NASA - radiation hardened Ethernet, the Orion capsule, and yes, you can call it  SpaceLAN! Read up on all things Ethernet and 3Com history related - pi

Simply Palm, 20 years after

3Com/Palm's "Simply Palm" advertising campaign raised some controversy in 1999. Let us know what you think on our Forum or email us — apropos, inapropos,, or Simply Porn? And learn about Palm's history from Palm CEO Donna Dubinsky and other 3Com/Palm execs in our book, now out on Amazon: #Palm #mergers #HP #leadership #technology #Apple

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